Top 10 C# Interview Questions

It’s not a matter of reading a particular book – these are from the C# spec. Finally questions like how many classes can you inherit from are just worthless questions.

  • I recommend being careful not to quiz interviewees on specific patterns by name, and instead focus on their ability to problem solve.
  • Any assembly that matches those condition is put into that group.
  • Yes, it’s a word-game of sorts, but it’s supposed to be administered by a non-technical person, such as a recruiter from HR.
  • Cut down on the time needed to find and interview developers for your team.
  • He has deep expertise in many aspects of artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and automation.
  • Main priorities are to perform clean up operation for unmanaged code, it is automatically invoked when an instance is not subsequently called.

As a result, we execute a single complex query against the database (when .ToList() is called) instead of retrieving two collections separately and joining them server-side. Both the GetCustomers and GetSales methods are IQueryable. This means they return query expressions, not actual collections. You would have not passed a single one of those tests! Those are the slower worst implementations posible, that’s the kind of implementation one could expect from a junior not a senior.

How Would You Describe Your Managerial Skills?

Also, it is good to review and compare notes as soon as possible with other interviewers or hiring managers as the interview c# senior developer interview questions will be fresh in your mind. Before the interview, let the candidate the format that the interview will take.

c# senior developer interview questions

If you’re not, then bring in someone from your team who is. These conversations will get very technical, very quickly. They allow the developer to create generic classes, methods, events, delegates, and interfaces.

When Do You Use Semicolon In C# And Why?

No one gives a flying crap about your megabytes of XML config files – they just want the business users to be happy. What is the difference between programming a website and a high-volume processing system . The idea is I want to know that you have a passion or two outside of the craft. Because all of us know, sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have bad days. I want to know that my team’s moral and my lead’s moral is going to be steady and consistent. Not fluctuating between the success or failure of our projects. A lead needs to have a fair amount of consistency between project outcomes and so this person needs to have something anchoring him other than code.

Please mention it in the comments section of this “C# Interview Questions” article and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In Asynchronous operation, the method call immediately returns allowing the program to perform other operations while the method called completes its share of work in certain circumstances. Ans- Thread product innovation definition is a set of instructions that when executed enables the program to perform concurrent processing. Concurrent processing helps in doing more than one process at a time. Other threads can be created to execute the code in parallel with original thread. List down the differences between “dispose” and “finalize” methods in C#.

Build Your Own Custom C# Interview Questions And Online Tests

They dont want to spend the rest of their lives learning how to display “hello world” in another language / framework for th 10th time in their career. In my opinion this interview questions are irrelevant and won’t find you good developer. They will find someone who is very into theory and maybe make interviewer feel “big” in candidate’s eyes. Even that I can answer for most of them easily, c# senior developer interview questions if someone would ask me this type of questions on interview, I would probably not accept job offer if I was given one. This type of recruiters are looking for people with academic skills. I went to school 15 years ago, I don’t remember this stuff. Funny thing is that I just got an interview with somebody like these guys, I googled the questions, got the answers and aced the interview.

Structs are used to create structures, a value type that is used to represent a record. Structs play a similar role to classes, which are a reference type in C#. Since structs are value types, they are allocated and deallocated on the stack or inline in containing types. This generally makes structs cheaper to allocate or software development services deallocate than classes, which are reference types. Reference types are allocated on the heap and garbage-collected, which tends to take up more resources. If the instances of a type are small and short-lived, it makes sense to define a value type using structs. The opposite is true when it comes to boxing and unboxing.

Can We Create Derived Class Object From Base Class C#

And those are the ones I’m not interested in wasting time on with a face-to-face interview. You will probably hire a guy who has crammed some questions but who is not able to really solve a problem. I think phone interviews are just plain stupid and a waste of time.

c# senior developer interview questions

I’ve read books and went through several online trainings as I am looking for a .Net position. Many of these keywords the average programmer quite simply doesn’t use on a daily basis and when they do use them they often have to refresh their memory on specific syntax when they do use them. You don’t need to know your specific definitions for a term to know when to use a specific key word. It’s like asking what year some event happened in history what is ico you really don’t get how they would use that information to make an informed decision. The problem with this type of question is that the wording of the question is ambiguous. It is not clear from the question that you are referring simply to using the namespace where the extension method was defined. Even though I know I need to use the namespace if I want to execute the extension method I created, I still got this question wrong.

What Is Execution Context In C#?

I got asked the last one at an interview today, and it was for a junior position. Caught me out completely, so it’s most likely a good question to ask. Anti-patterns can be patterns in certain contexts and the other way around. I think I would only be able to come up with two anti patterns in an interview, service locator and singleton.

c# senior developer interview questions

Jakub is a full-stack software developer and project leader specializing in the creation of web and cloud solutions using the .NET platform, React, and Azure. While working mostly in the industrial area, he has learned how to deliver critical software systems that need to be highly available, secure, and fast. Jakub also works as a project leader, being responsible for both the development team and the deliveries. c# senior developer interview questions Most of these methods provide the basic implementation required of any type that a developer will work with in the .NET stack. On the other hand, unmanaged code is directly compiled to native machine code and depends on the architecture of the target machine. In the unmanaged code, the developer has to make sure he is dealing with memory usage and allocation , type safety and exceptions manually.

The main concept in functional programming is the function, where inputs are used in a computation that results in an output. In object-oriented programming, the main concept is the class, which contains instance or class variables that can be manipulated by methods and can be extended or inherited from.

It seems reasonable but the situation is quite sad if we look at the fact that what the interviewer thinks is important can vary widely from person to person. 1) There isn’t an agreement as to what a “senior software engineer” should know.

How To Conduct A Good Interview With A Senior Engineer

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